• Week of Prayer Missionaries Say Thanks

    Southern Baptists continually pray for, participate in, and give generously to North American mission efforts. Read what some of the Week of Prayer missionaries have to say about the blessings that came from those gifts:


    Thank you and thank the Lord. This past year your prayers have achieved much, we have been seen many coming to Jesus Christ. I really believe your prayers have being key in all the fruit we are seeing. Additionally, thank you to all who wrote encouraging notes to us. The Lord used them to help us through hard days. Continuing to Pray, Give & be on Mission, it is making an eternal impact. 

    Victor Thomas
    Pastor, The Point Church
    Burnaby, British Columbia

    Graffiti 2 and I are blessed beyond measure by the support of the family of God from across the country. We are equally blessed by those that pray of whom we are aware (by sending cards and e-mails), as well as those that pray of whom we may never know (praying in the secret of their prayer closets).  Graffiti 2 will continue plant seeds of the Gospel across our neighborhood and beyond. Please continue to pray for us as we develop new ways to plant seeds of the Gospel in our community, as we look to begin a new work in a neighboring community, and as we train others to begin works all across the world.
    God bless.

    Andrew Mann
    Director Graffiti 2 Community Ministries
    Bronx, New York

    Thank you Southern Baptists for your generous support to Annie Armstrong. You have helped to bring the Light of Jesus into the dark places of North America. Being featured as week of prayer missionaries in 2013 was an amazing experience for my wife and I. We received an overwhelming amount of prayer letters, small gifts and encouraging notes. These letters always came at the times we needed them, too! To know we have Christians praying for us all over the country, from children to the elder men & women, is something that we will always lean on. God is good and He has blessed us through you. Thanks! 

    Scott Venable
    Pastor, Mosaic Church Chicago

    Brothers and Sisters, It is a joy to be able to say thank you for what you have given to the Annie Armstrong Easter offering. The beautiful verse of John 3:16 begins with the simple phrase, "God so loved that he gave..." I want you to know that the people we are reaching here in Cincinnati and now an unreached people group on the other side of the globe are loved because of what you gave. We are never more like our Father in heaven than when we give of ourselves to others. So thank you so much and know that this church plant has been deeply blessed (as in the OT sense of that word, not the gee that was nice sense of that word) by your giving and we are now seeking to be a blessing to others. Grace and Peace! 

    Joshua Lenon
    Red Door Church, Cincinnati, OH

    I want to thank the North american Mission Board along with all the Southern Baptist Churches who sent letters, cards, and emails of encouragement to us during the past year. It as been an absolute blessing to be apart of the out pouring of love from our friends in other churches around North America. Our church family as been able to do so much and we credit that to the work of the Holy Spirit and prayers lifted up on our behalf. Words can not express our gratitude towards all of you. Thank you from my family and church to yours.  

    Derek Osburn
    Lead Pastor, The Vine Community Church, Clovis, NM

    I was thinking about the freedom I have to meet with unchurched people at starbucks, celebrate birthdays with apartment managers, and coach guys who are passionate about fulfilling their ministry purpose by leading a church. Then I realized very little of that would happen without you and your church giving through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Your gifts afford me the living and thus the time to invest in these people's lives. You are helping me give back and develop the next generation of leaders. I want to take this time to personally thank each of you who has missions so deeply embedded in your soul that you give your dollars to support a work you may never see. People are being changed for eternity, hope for the hopeless, peace for the restless, and Jesus is being lifted up because you are cooperating together with us in the field. Thank You!!! 

    Louis Spears
    Church Planting
    Valley Rim Baptist Association
    1235 E. Evergreen
    Mesa, Arizona 85203

    We deeply express our gratitude to North American Mission Board for featuring us and our ministry in the missionary week of prayer, 2009.  We are thankful to NAMB for their prayer and financial support.  We know all of our Southern Baptist churches in North America will be praying for us and NAMB is acting as a channel of blessing for us. 
    We praise God for NAMB and all of its stuffs for their great encouragements. 
    We hope NAMB will continue their support to us for our frontiers missions work in New England.

    Paul and Elizabeth Biswas
    Church planting missionary in New England
    129A Brown Street
    Waltham, MA 02453

    Dear Friends, 

    I wish to take this opportunity to thank Southern Baptists for your prayers, and gifts through the Cooperative Program, and through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. These offerings and prayers enable me to do what the Lord has called us to do in the way we do it. It is indeed my privilege to serve the Lord in this way! 

    Lamar and Dolly Duke
    State director of missions
    Baptist Convention of New York


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