Acts 1:8 Illustrated

    by Diana Davis


    Start a tradition at your church: an annual Missions Fair! It's an ideal combination of education, inspiration and fun, and will inform members about missionaries and missions your church supports locally and around the globe.


    A unique annual theme is used to make each year's fair unforgettable. Fun, interactive exhibits represent every area of your church's mission involvement: International Missions, North American Missions, State Missions, Associational Missions, and your local church mission projects, such as mission trips, organizations, church plants, benevolence ministries, etc.


    Need some Mission Fair theme ideas?


    “The Greatest Glow On Earth” - Create a big top circus atmosphere, complete with tent, band, 3-ring circus, and circus-themed exhibits.


    "My Missions Dollar" - Calculate how much of your church's mission dollar is spent on each exhibit area. As people visit exhibits, cut the appropriate cents off their "missions dollar" to visually show how it's spent.


    “Missions Drive-In” - Prepare a short looped video for each exhibit. Older children carry a steering wheel to "drive" small groups to each area.


    “Missions Safari” - Guests board "tour buses" (several rows of chairs) for a fast-paced missions tour in a jungle setting. An animated tour guide narrates, crocodile-hunter-style, while costumed representatives of each missions effort stroll past the bus. Example: G.A.s chatting about their nursing home visit, costumed African drummer, architect for new church plant holding plans.


    "Time for Missions" - Clocks are everywhere. Ring chimes every three minutes to move attendees from exhibit to exhibit


    "Missions In Fashion" - The exhibits are glitzy but the main feature is a fast-paced missions fashion show. An enthusiastic announcer describes missions while creatively costumed "models" walk the runway. Example: for prison ministry, an "inmate" in uniform carries prison bars and a Bible.


    "Light Your World" - Exhibits use an assortment of lights. Overhead lights are dim, with a footprint pathway leading to each exhibit.


    "The Tomorrow Show" - All exhibits are designed as "sets" for missions talk shows, with ongoing live interviews, with scripted teen interviewers, video cameras and lots of lights.


    "Mission Museum Classic" - Tuxedoed docents give scripted tours through museum-style exhibits. Use art, collections, "live" mannequins, and classical music, of course!


    "Where's Monty?" - The entire fair is a search for Monty, the missionary, through the exhibits. Conclude with a challenge by "Monty" about missions.


    "Fly To Missions" - The "concourse" area has tickets, music, food and entertainment. Exhibits are set around the parameter, with rows of chairs to simulate an airplane where guests view in-flight videos about each mission.


    “Techno-Missions” - Use modern décor and lighting and feature high-tech demonstrations of missions, using computers, audiovisuals, headphones, etc. "Numbers" Mission Fair - Huge glittered numbers at exhibits represent an aspect of that ministry. For example, a "35" at the mission church exhibit denotes their number of members. Exhibits use number-related games, i.e. a jar of 5,370 jellybeans to challenge people to guess how many IMB missionaries you support.


    "Mission Fair Carnival" - Clowns, balloons and carnival music create the atmosphere, and exhibits use cakewalks, ball tosses, face-paint, etc. to educate the crowds.


          A planning team should begin at least six months ahead to plan a first-class event with visual appeal, fast-paced schedule, themed food and music, and entertaining exhibits. Contact IMB.org, NAMB.net, your state convention and your local association office for information and handouts. Prepare a treasure-hunt sheet for children. Enhance the fair by inviting local, state, national and international missionaries to attend.

          Southern Baptists are the largest missions-sending organization in the world. An annual Missions Fair will educate and inspire your church. It's Acts 1:8  illustrated.



    Fresh Ideas© are shared by Diana Davis, wife of SCBI's executive director.

    Email her at jesuslivesindiana@gmail.com





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