• Chuy and Maria   

    Chuy and Maria Avila

    3404 Morelos Drive
    Laredo, Texas 78046

    Chuy's Birthday: May 31

    Maria's Birthday: April 13

    Hometown: Juarez, Mexico

    Children: Claudia, Javier, Rafael, Lidia

    Hobbies: Reading, witnessing, collecting eagle figurines and coffee mugs

    Favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 40:31



    When you see a sombrero, think of the Avilas in Texas! Chuy is a church planter missionary in Laredo. He helps churches in the area work together to share the gospel. He also helps start new churches for people groups like cowboys and Hispanics.


    Read his story: Planting churches, family by family 


    Video: "One Laredo Family"

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    Hispanic People Portrait 

    Mexican People Portrait 

    Cowboy People Portrait 

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