• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q:Where can I find a copy of the 2014 Planning Guide?
    A: NEW this year! Find your 2014 Annie Armstrong Easter Offering promotional DVD inside On Mission magazine, winter edition, automatically sent to all churches and individual subscribers in mid-January. A PDF file of the planning guide is on the DVD, or you may download the file. If your church has not received a copy of On Mission by January 20, please E-mail us.

    Q:Where can I get offering envelopes, posters and prayer guides? 
    A: Offering envelopes, prayer guides, and posters are free and each state WMU/convention office has a supply to distribute to the churches in their state. 

    Promotional resources available for 2014 

    Q: Where should I send my offering?
    We encourage churches to send their gifts to their state convention office for recording purposes. State conventions combine gifts from other churches and forward the total to the North American Mission Board. Gifts may also be sent directly to the North American Mission Board at:

    North American Mission Board
    PO Box 116543
    Atlanta, GA 30368-6543

    Please make sure to indicate "Annie Armstrong Easter Offering" on your check.

    You can also give online  using a credit card.

    Q: How do I obtain a copy of the North American Mission Study? 
    A: The study is free and is focused around Week of Prayer missionaries. The theme for 2014 is "Firmly Planted ... Rooted in the Gospel." Study plans are available on the DVD-ROM and at www.AnnieArmstrong.com/study. The video segments on the DVD provided in the North American Missions Emphasis planning guide are a primary component of the study.

    Q:Why is the "Easter" offering not on Easter? 
    A: The Southern Baptist Convention calendar sets the Week of Prayer (WOP) for North American Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® as the first full week of March that starts on a Sunday. Thus, the dates for 2014 are scheduled for March 2-9. Many churches use this week as a kick-off to a month or two-month-long focus on North American missions. 

    People can give to AAEO throughout the year through their church or through direct gifts to NAMB. Offering gifts are not limited just to Easter or the Easter "season." Churches may use the material and have an offering/missions emphasis at any time.

    Q:What are future dates for Week of Prayer? 
    A: The future dates for Week of Prayer are as follows:

    • March 2-9, 2014
    • March 1-8, 2015

    Q:I would like a copy of the sermon outline. How do I get this? 
    A: Sermon outlines, including a children's sermon, are located on the DVD-ROM and on the Pastor's Page

    Q:I'm having problems with the Web site (downloading or viewing). Can you help? 
    A: Technology-related questions about the site should be sent to aaeo@namb.net

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