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    Taste of North America Dinner
    The Women on Mission, Baptist Young Women, and Children in Action from Short Creek Baptist Church, Athens, Tennessee, hosted a Taste of North America dinner as the kick off for their Annie Armstrong Easter Offering emphasis.


    "Praying Outside the Box" and "Prayer Ring"  
    Ideas for Promotion of Week of Prayer for North American Missions
    Submitted by Denise Bronaugh, WMU Director, First Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee


    "People"—a song written by C.W. Brockwell 
    Click here—Submitted by C.W. Brockwell, Little Rock, Ark. Used by permission. Churches can use this in their promotion of the Week of Prayer/Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Any other use must be approved by C.W. Brockwell, P.O. Box 30002, Little Rock, AR 72260. C.W. Brockwell is a member of Life Line Baptist Church in Little Rock.


    Annie Armstrong Gingersnaps Recipe
    Annie Armstrong loved to make cookies for children. Consider making these for distribution in a missions meeting or following a worship service.




    Quilt For Missions

    I am Mission Chairperson for First Baptist Church of Moreno Valley, Calif. (about 60 miles east of Los Angeles). We recently had our Annie Armstrong Offering. For our emphasis I put up a quilt I had made with all 50 states on it.(This quilt has been on Annie Armstrong's bed in Birmingham and was featured in one issue of Mission Mosaic.) I chose a missionary from each state to represent our goal for our offering. Our church is small and our goal was only $400. We put one missionary on a state for each $10.00 given toward our goal. I chose [Romeo and Ludivina] Eders to represent Hawaii.

    My granddaughter, Ariel McClung, only recently was saved and baptized into our church. She took a real interest in the mission offering and insisted her father put $10.00 toward Hawaii. She added $1.00 from her own allowance. (She is 8 years old.) When we reached our goal (actually receiving over $600) I took the names down and asked members to take a name, pray for the missionary and possibly write them. She hurried to the quilt to get the Eders' name. Two weeks later my son was changing her bed and found the name under her pillow. He set it aside and finished changing the bed. That night she got into bed, turned her pillow over and asked, "Where is my missionary? I need to pray for him." She had been praying each night without telling anyone else. Her father hastily replaced the name under her pillow.

    Lee McClung


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