John* came to Christ in China, a communist country known for its strong stand on atheism. Soon he felt called to pastor. John came to the U.S. for seminary training and planned to return to his home country. But God burdened his heart for Chinese immigrants chasing the American dream.

John knew they needed to know the one, true God.

Planting the first Mandarin-speaking, Southern Baptist church in a city where thousands of Chinese Americans lived was challenging. John and his wife intentionally reached out to their community, but people were cautious for a long time. A breakthrough came with a coffee master and a concert pianist who both cried when they heard what Jesus had done for them—freely.

“Some of our members left China for better lives. Some were brought overseas by their parents. They all valued accomplishment. They believed their worth was earned. Yet they all felt something was missing. They now know that real life is only found in Christ,” said John.

*Name changed due to security concerns.

Western, U.S.
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