Do you wish you had more time to share the gospel? Well, you have more time than you think. Spreading the Word of God doesn’t have to be a full-time job. There are dozens of opportunities to witness every day—it’s simply a matter of recognizing those opportunities and always being prepared to share your faith when they arise.

“The Lordship of Jesus Christ means your life is devoted to sharing the gospel,” says Roger Freeman, pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Nashville and former president of the Tennessee Baptist Convention. “That doesn’t mean every minute of every hour needs to be spent talking about scripture, but rather every minute of every hour you’re ready to share the gospel. And if you have the opportunity to say something good about the Lord, do it.”

Finding the time to evangelize requires mindfulness and discipline, but it doesn’t have to interfere with your day-to-day routine. There are some really easy ways to share the gospel in your busy life.

  • Social Media Evangelism
    • People are spending more time every day on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And thanks to smartphones and tablets, people can stay sign in and log on to their favorite social media sites anytime, anywhere. Using social media is a powerful way to share the gospel with more people than you could probably ever talk to in a whole day, but be careful not to use it as a platform for other things like your political views or personal opinions.
    • “If you’re going to use social media,” says Mr. Freeman, “understand that your life is an open book—everything you say and do online will color the way people think about your relationship with Jesus and what you say about the gospel.”
  • Internet Evangelism
    • Social media isn’t the only digital platform for sharing the gospel. There are lots of easy ways to bring the presence of Jesus Christ to people all around the world using the internet: start a blog, moderate a forum, create a website, record a podcast, upload a video, etc. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on these projects, but the flexibility of sharing the gospel online means you can evangelize whenever (and wherever) it’s most convenient for you.
    • Internet evangelism might also be more effective than you think. One study suggests that spreading the gospel online is a good way to create disciples. According to Global Media Outreach, an international ministry that specializes in Internet evangelism, half of people who came to Jesus over the Internet have shared their faith with others. If we’re to obey God’s Great Commission and “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19-20) we should not ignore the power of sharing the gospel online.
  • Lifestyle Evangelism
    • Evangelism is both a practice and a lifestyle. It’s a practice in the sense that we should be mindful about obeying God’s call to share the gospel, but also a lifestyle in the sense of how evangelism should influence the way we live. If we display the kindness and compassion of the Lord in our daily lives, people will feel His presence and experience His love firsthand without us having to do much more than taking the time to smile.
    • “The little things you say and do in the midst of a busy life,” Mr. Freeman remarks, “people notice them and they make a big difference. Random acts of kindness can open hearts for the reception of the Word. That’s the key to lifestyle evangelism. And it may take 100 acts to open the heart of a single person, but it’s worth it if it means someone is brought closer to Jesus.”

Tips for Sharing the Gospel with Strangers

When sharing the gospel with a stranger for the first time, try to be relaxed and conversational. People don’t respond well to “turn or burn” scare tactics, and they might become argumentative if they feel like you’re trying to push the bible down their throats. “Engaging in conversation without being pushy,” Mr. Freeman says, “that’s extremely important when sharing the gospel with strangers.”

Mr. Freeman also recommends sharing a few words about your church family, and about the sense of closeness and belonging you experience while worshipping with other believers. If they are at all receptive to the Word of God and interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, the family angle might convince them to take a leap for the Lord. “That sort of close relationship with others is important for everyone. People come to church because they respect the person who invited them, and talking about the family aspect of attending church will only strengthen your message.”

As far as tools that can help you explain the gospel of Jesus Christ, Mr. Freeman suggests 3 Circles from the North American Mission Board: “That’s my number one suggestion. You get a lot of mileage out of a tool like that.” The 3 Circles tool helps answer common questions people have about God and the Bible in a simple and memorable way, which helps facilitate an open and honest conversation about the Lord.

If you want to do more to help expand God’s Kingdom, consider a charitable donation to Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO). The North American Mission Board uses offering funds to equip missionaries and church planters to share the gospel with the unreached in North America.

Give online or call toll-free 800-634-2462 to learn more about AAEO and NAMB’s mission to spread the Good News.

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