My Relationship with God at Living Rock Church 

My name is Meagan. After attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo., my husband and I made our home in the community. He is a police officer. I am blessed to stay home with our two little boys. Overall, my life was good, but I can’t say I had an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Finding Living Rock Church

One Sunday on my way to church, I was sitting at the red light when I saw signs and flags for Living Rock Church. The church we attended was wonderful, but we were still looking for more in a church for our family. While I waited for the light to change, I checked out Living Rock’s website and saw “Baptist” pop up a couple times. That piqued my interest.

I continued on my way, but soon realized I was going to be late to my church’s service, so I turned around and headed to Living Rock Church. Incredibly, it was their very first weekend meeting in that location. When I walked into the building, the pastor’s wife, Brandi, greeted me. She pulled her husband, Kelly, over and introduced him to me. They were both so genuine, and I knew that was the church for my family.

Since being a part of Living Rock, I have learned to investigate the God I thought I knew so well. Kelly’s sermons have challenged me to not be complacent in my relationship with God. My life has been filled with amazing women and women’s Bible studies that have encouraged me to experience a true relationship with God, one that is personal and not superficial.

What God really wants

As I’ve grown at Living Rock, I’ve learned that our God desires a real, personal relationship with us. God wants to know the deepest parts of your heart. Before I truly accepted God, I could not experience that sweet depth with Him, because I was doing nothing to learn about Him. I wasn’t engaging in quiet times or memorizing Scripture and applying it to my day. He knew everything about me, but I knew nothing of Him. I have enjoyed moving from a place where God seemed plastic to a place where I know He is alive and active and speaks to me.

As I dove into having a real relationship with God, I started to struggle with my story. I felt like it wasn’t enough. Fear crept in. I wondered if God was going to ask something big and sacrificial of me; I worried it would involve my husband’s death at work.

Because Brandi creates an environment at every Bible study that allows for us to be open about what we are feeling, I was able to tell her about my fear. Little by little, my understanding of God’s involvement in my life grew. One day I was traveling, and I opened up my Bible study. Bolded right there on the page was a sentence that stood out to me. It read, “God never wanted some dramatic sacrifice. He only ever wanted our hearts.” Right on the airplane, I started bawling and praying. I realized that I had been so focused on comparing my story to everyone else’s, I had missed the big picture. I finally understood that He just wanted my heart, and I could have an intimate relationship with Him, regardless of how uneventful or tragic life turns out to be. I can trust Him with it all. 

Joining God’s work

Living Rock Church has had a huge impact on our community. When you mention the church around the neighborhood, it is hard to find anyone who has not been reached by them in some way. I am excited that our church is starting to grow outside of just our neighborhood and into surrounding areas with the hope of Jesus Christ. My family’s dream for Living Rock Church is that it would continue to further God’s Kingdom and grow into surrounding new neighborhoods. 

Living Rock Church is an SBC church plant in Fort Collins, Colorado. For more information about Living Rock Church, visit

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