Matt Lawson met Trichel after an outdoor movie night Los Angeles’ Story City Church held in July 2015. “She had 3 kids with her. We talked for a bit, and then I gave her my card and told her if we could do anything to help her family, please let us know. I didn’t expect to hear back from her,” Matt remembers.

Two months later, Trichel showed up to a Story City Church Sunday gathering. “My wife Laura got to know her better and tried to piece together her story,” Matt says. “We knew she was a single mom and that her children were from her two previous marriages. We also learned there was a history of past and current drug abuse.”

In the fall of 2015, Trichel met a man named Luther. “Luther’s wife had cheated on him and the marriage ended in divorce,” Matt says. “So there were a lot of trust issues there.” Trichel soon became pregnant with Luther’s baby. Soon, Luther began coming to Story City Church with Trichel. Matt says, “Luther became engaged with our church, and he started attending a men’s Bible study and serving at Story City. All the while he was bringing his son from his previous marriage to church with him.”

Luther began asking a lot of questions about the Christian faith and the gospel. Matt says, “A month leading up to his praying to receive Christ, we could tell God was really working on his heart. He was asking really good questions.” Luther was saved in March 2016. Matt baptized him a month later, with Luther’s son, Trichel and her three children all in attendance.

Since then, Luther and Trichel have asked Matt for pre-marital counseling. “Luther realizes some things will need to change now that he’s come to faith in Christ.” Matt says. “They still experience tremendous relational challenges, but now Luther is wanting to do the right thing.” Luther recently sought counsel from Matt on a problem. “While we were talking about it, Luther used the words, ‘I don’t want to be selfish, but I want to respond how the gospel would want me to respond.’” Matt shares. “He’s really trying to lead a broken family towards Jesus now.”

As God continues to work in Trichel’s heart, Luther is stepping up as a father-figure to Trichel’s three children, as well as for his own son. “The kids are involved in our church every single week,” Matt says, “and Luther and Trichel are extremely committed to Story City.” So committed, in fact, that when Trichel gave birth to baby Elijah on a Friday, she and Luther were planning on attending Story City that next Sunday.

“It’s been quite a journey,” Matt says, “and there’s still so many ups and downs, especially as they work towards marriage. But God has done a great work in Luther’s life, and it’s so cool to see all that’s happening.”

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