Kay Bennett: A New Creation

New Orleans, Louisiana

Human trafficking emergencies don’t happen on schedule, so there’s no such thing as an “average day” for Kay Bennett, director of Send Relief’s Baptist Friendship House. 

“The doorbell or phone can ring and change my whole day,” says Kay. Chances are that day was already filled with serving meals to those experiencing homelessness, handing out hygiene supplies, leading Bible study, managing training programs and more.

It’s this loosely controlled ministry chaos that’s most familiar to Kay.

“I have often said I found a home with the homeless,” she says. “My call from the beginning was to minister to hurting people.” There’s no shortage of hurting people in the French Quarter of New Orleans. People living on the streets are typically dealing with trauma and are vulnerable to being trafficked.

Kay says the way to help people in desperate need is to see each one as an individual with a unique story and come alongside to listen and walk with them. “God never gives up on us, so we can never give up on anyone else.”

Prayer Requests
  • People experiencing homelessness to be drawn to Baptist Friendship House for help.
  • Human trafficking victims to be able to escape exploitation.
  • Strength and encouragement for staff and volunteers.

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