Matt & Amanda Hadden: White Van Season

Porcupine, South Dakota

When Matt went to the Pine Ridge Reservation, home of the Oglala Lakota tribe, for a short-term, construction mission trip, his plan to be an international missionary changed.

“I looked around and saw tremendous need,” says Matt. “I could hear people speaking a different language. I had entered a different culture and was in the middle of a different people group right here in my own country. These people had been forgotten and I knew God was calling me here.” 

Pine Ridge is one of the largest reservations in the United States and among the poorest. Matt and Amanda lead the Čhaŋkú Wašté Ranch, a ministry center on the reservation. Their three-lane approach is through a summer kids camp, providing free home repair and offering medical services through a newly opened clinic. 

“I have read that less than 3% of Oglala Lakota people claim to know the Lord,” says Matt. “Our goal is to change that statistic and help them experience the hope of a restored life in every aspect.”

Prayer Requests
  • Wisdom to meet the many needs of the Oglala Lakota people.
  • Continued favor and partnerships with tribal leaders.
  • Growth and support for wellness and construction ministries.

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