Finding Jesus through Xbox

I grew up in Fort Collins, Colo., and I loved the community. I wasn’t a Christian growing up, but I thought there might have been a God. I also played with the idea that if I was a good enough person, I would get into Heaven.

Then, when I was 14 years old, I was playing Xbox online with a friend. He was at his house and I was at mine, but we were talking over a headset. We had been playing together for four or five months. He asked me what I thought about God, and I didn’t really know how to answer, so just told him I believed there could be a God, but I wasn’t sure. Then right over the headset, He started sharing the gospel with me. The truth of his words hit me. I knew God was speaking right to me through my Xbox friend. Over the course of the next few days, we kept talking, and unlike most people, I was saved playing Halo!

After that, I wanted to grow in my walk with Christ. I asked my friend many questions over Xbox in the coming weeks. He was never condescending or patronizing. He made sure I understood the important aspects of following Jesus, and he always emphasized love. I read the book of John, which I would recommend as a good place for a new Christian to start. I did not have a church home yet, but I started attending church when I could. 

A real relationship

Starting a relationship with Christ changed my life. He gave me a new life, hope and forgiveness. I felt like the burden of my wrongdoings was lifted, and I became much more considerate of others. My parents still don’t know Christ, but I continue to pray they will accept Jesus. I pray they see the light God has given me.

My sister also got saved at about the same time I did. I am in awe of God’s hand in our lives. My sister and I have always been close, but becoming siblings in Christ brought us even closer. We talked a lot about what God was showing us and teaching us. At that point, she had moved to Alabama to go to college and started attending a church in Tuscaloosa. It just so happened that Kelly and Brandi Parrish spoke at her church while they were in the process of gaining partner churches for their church plant in Fort Collins. They shared their vision, and my sister immediately thought of me and told me to be on the lookout for them. I ended up meeting the Parrishes when they visited Fort Collins before moving, and I’ve been attending Living Rock Church since the first gathering. 

Finding a place to belong

Living Rock Church has given me a place of belonging. When I got saved, I didn’t have a place to plug in. I would go to church, listen and leave; however, that’s exactly the same as watching a sermon online. Actually, that’s what I did for a while. After meeting the Parrishes and attending Living Rock Church, though, I’ve been able to plug in and serve the body of Christ, and being part of a church family has really helped me to grow closer to God.

As the church has grown, I’ve been able serve in our children’s service. I play drums whenever I can, and it’s always fun to mentor the next generation. Right now, I’m in school at Montana State University, so I cannot attend Living Rock Church unless I’m in town. However, I’ll always be grateful to Living Rock and to the Parrishes for allowing me to find a church home and experience what the body of Christ is like. Because of this example, I’ve found a great church in Montana. Serving and being a part of God’s work through His church has changed my life. God has given me hope and peace. Being with fellow believers reminds me to live each day as it comes and trust in Him with the future.

Living Rock Church is an SBC church plant in Fort Collins, Colorado. For more information about the Living Rock Church, visit

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