Muche grew up in the inner-city of Houston where his brother was tragically murdered at 21. That experience gave Muche a unique perspective when he felt called to plant a church in Miami.

When Diamone and I moved here, Miami broke our hearts.

“Because of my history, it allows me to have more patience as I walk with people,” says Muche. “As the city became more diverse, most churches left Miami in the 80’s and moved to the suburbs. When that happened, there wasn’t anything left to take the church’s place—not anything good, at least.”

The Ukegbu’s planted The Brook Church which now has four city groups and is preparing to launch more.

“When Diamone and I moved here, Miami broke our hearts. But we found something beautiful. Many look at this city and want to begin fixing the sin and depravity. But what we see here are people made in God’s image, and we desire to tell them that.”

Miami, Florida
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