Joseph & Kristen Gibbons: What Happens in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

If Joseph and Kristen Gibbons learned anything when they moved to Las Vegas, it was this: don’t believe everything you hear. 

“When people think of Vegas, they think it’s just casinos,” says Kristen. “But families live here. And we didn’t fall in love with the Strip. We fell in love with the people.”

In 2020, the Gibbons left their home in Alabama to plant Favor City Church in Henderson, Nevada. “The people who run the Strip live in the surrounding communities,” says Joseph. “And we wanted to meet them in their fast-paced lives and slow things down enough so the gospel could sink in.”

That was their recipe for starting a church; that, plus a lot of prayer, and a handful of easier-than-expected gospel conversations. 

“One of the other misconceptions about Vegas is that people are rude,” says Joseph. “But they’re really not. People here are wide open to spiritual conversations. As a result, we’ve seen entire families give their lives to Christ. It’s been incredible.”

Prayer Requests
  • Wisdom to effectively disciple new believers.
  • The people and resources Favor City needs to start more new churches.
  • Opportunities to share the gospel with leaders at the school where Favor City Church meets.

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