Jefferson & Carol Hernandez: Campo Blanco

Sterling, Virginia

Five seconds. That’s how long it took him to come up with a name. 

Jefferson Hernandez had not given a moment’s thought to what he and his wife Carol would call their new church plant in Sterling, Virginia. When he was unexpectedly asked the name, Jefferson said a quick prayer. 

“I’d just read in John 4 where it says the fields are white unto harvest, and the phrase ‘Campo Blanco’ crossed my mind. So right then and there, that was the name given to the church—Campo Blanco, which in English is ‘White Field’.”

Jefferson and Carol live in one of the wealthiest counties in America. Lured by the promise of high-paying jobs, immigrants from Central and South America are moving there in record numbers. Many of them are unreached by the gospel.

“Seeing this place fill up with lost people, I can see now that there’s enough potential to start a church on every block. And still, we’d need more. ‘White Field’ was definitely a good name.”

Prayer Requests
  • Opportunities to build witnessing relationships with Hispanic immigrants.
  • Leaders who’ll one day leave Campo Blanco to start more new churches.
  • Families in the church to grow in their devotion to Christ.

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