Locate your convention/WMU office below to order free offering print materials.

Offering envelopes, prayer guides and posters are free, and each WMU/convention office has a supply to distribute to the churches in their region.  A promotion guide with DVD is available from the North American Mission Board, and a copy is mailed to each church in January. If you have not received your church’s copy by January 15, email aaeo@namb.net, and a copy will be sent to you.


Laura Glass

PHONE: 800-264-1225, EXT. 226


Sarah Bowen

PHONE: 501-376-4791, EXT. 5137


Rosalinda Mendez

PHONE: 559-229-9533, EXT. 253

District of Columbia

Gail Lacy


Allison Kinion

PHONE: 317-481-2400
TOLL FREE: 1-800-444-5424


Leo Endel

New England (CT ME MA NH RI VT)

Bree Cobbs

PHONE: 508-393-6013, EXT. 226

New Mexico

Cricket Pairett

PHONE: 505-924-2315
TOLL FREE: 800-898-8544, EXT. 315

North Carolina

Cheryl Daniel

Pennsylvania/South Jersey

The BRN Hub – Help Desk


Vickie Clemons

PHONE: 615-371-7923
TOLL FREE: 800-558-2090, EXT. 7923

Texas - Baptist General Convention of Texas

Freddie Martinka

Texas - Southern Baptists of Texas

Anna Whitson

Virginia – SBC of Virginia

Mindy McCord

Virginia Baptist Resource Center

Cathy Banton

PHONE: 804-915-5000, EXT. 8267
TOLL FREE: 800-255-2428, EXT. 8267

Missionary videos, artwork, missions studies and more can be downloaded from our Resources Page.